Popular anime torrent site NYAA has lost control over several of its domain names, which were deactivated a few hours ago. As a result, the site has become unreachable. The domain status suggests

If nyaa.se is up actually and appears down only for you then follow these troubleshooting steps or you can search for an alternative. Q: What to do if problem is at nyaa.se server? If nyaa.se is actually down then you can resolve the issue by doing following: Wait for the site going up again. Post an inquiry at its forum, twitter or Facebook Page. Due to recent changes in the EU law system, the owner of Nyaa.se has decided to close down the site. most people will probably switch to shanaproject I don't know what your personal opinion is on these changes. Thought I'd let you know. 05/03/2017 Death Note vostfr 37 ep (HD mkv) + fin alternative (fanfic non HD mp4) + [Dac-Fansub] Death Note Rewrite - Visions of a God [DVD 480p. Here, we will take a quick look at what NYAA torrents was, what it Millions of users download popular anime shows such as Dragon Ball, Death Note and with each show, and you have a choice of 480, 720p and 1080p.. Nyaa Torrents is a BitTorrent

Cela fait deux jours qu'au pays des passionnés de mangas et d'animations japonaises un drame s'est produit.Le site de torrent Nyaa est indisponible. Ce site bien connu des fans d'animes proposait

the best 7 similar alternative torrent websites like Nyaa.si / nyaa (https://nyaa.si/ ) LimeTorrents is a General Torrents Download indexer with Mostly Verified  1 May 2017 Popular Alternatives to Nyaa.si for Web, µTorrent, BitTorrent, AniRena is a Torrent Tracker that offers a place for Asian/Japanese material. 6 Jul 2019 This befalls many great sites that deliver torrents of all kinds to the masses. Ever since this sad day, anime lovers have been searching for a good 

@Tsunderella I'd love to see about 95% of other VNs get translated, Zengaku and Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse are simply ones of the many. Yet translators lately seem to focus on the 5% of weird shit like this, ignoring the 95% of good stuff. @usamiharu There's a lot of stuff I would gladly pay money for to get translated, especially 4H's games. Anyway this is the last time I will be

Nyaa.se Current Status See if Nyaa is currently down. Checking Nyaa.se. Availability History See when Nyaa was not working in the past. Embed Chart . Add this chart to your website by copying the code below: Recent Outages. Nov 5 - Feb 7 ~19893h 20min; Nov 5 - Feb 7 ~19893h 20min; Nov 5 - Feb Horrible without any doubt is the best NYAA alternative. Interestingly, Horrible Subs is one of the sites who has confirmed blockage of NYAA on their homepage. While Horrible Subs offer similar media as NYAA.se, the site has comparatively more appealing interface than any other anime sharing site. The first impression of Horrible Subs captures