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Meshes centered at (option 'G' in KPOINTS file or odd divisions, see Sec. 5.5.3) behave different than meshes without (option 'M' in the KPOINTS file and even divisions). The precision of the mesh is usually directly proportional to the number of k-points in the IRBZ, but not to the number of divisions. Kryptonite 12 ⚡ Alan Walker Style Music & 3D Anima Kryptonite Zero 9 ⚡ Before the story begins AW Kryptonite Zero 7 ⚡ Before the story begins AW Recently I've started using KissAnime, because I heard it was a way to download the episodes, but was confused by the whole points system (Even after reading their page on the Kpoints). Can you tell me what the Kpoints do? I'm mainly confused as down under the episodes, there is a DDL, which I can use to download the episodes, even though I don't have any Kpoints (In 720 or higher). Any Contribute to fxdm92/kissanime development by creating an account on GitHub.

Contribute to fxdm92/kissanime development by creating an account on GitHub.

You can earn KPoint by recommend KissAsian to friends. Copy any url of KissAsian website that you like and paste into the box below (eg: https://kissasian .sh or  of kisscartoon.io. it is the fake site which hacked kissanime earlier few weeks ago. and they force you to turn of adblock and then take all your KPoints away.

This is an Alpha release and may not work if kissAnime updates their ad detection. I am not responsible for any loss of KPoints, but do sympathize with you (I have lost many as well). As a result, please report any found issues/bugs with the extension to my email: samrg123@gmail.com or through the webstore and I will do my best to address the problem. Thank you, Samuel Gonzalez KAB Developer

02/01/2020 Please follow this instruction to get KPoints: 1/ Go to this website: http://replay.watch 2/ Your payment email must be the email that you used to REGISTER with KissAnime (IMPORTANT, REGISTERED EMAIL WITH KISSANIME, wrong email = no kpoints) 3/ Choose the package: -- Silver package: 1000 KPoints -- Gold package: 2200 KPoints -- Diamond package: 5000 KPoints